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� � Dr. Kenn paused a little while. There was an entire absence of effusive benevolence in his manner; there was something almost cold in the gravity of his look and voice. If Maggie had not known that his benevolence was persevering in proportion to its reserve, she might have been chilled and frightened. As it was, she listened expectantly, quite sure that there would be some effective help in his words. He went on. � � � caoprom最新超碰地址 And as things turned out, this setback presented us with one of the great opportunities in our company'shistory. Ever since David Glass and I had met at that awful Wal-Mart opening in Harrison, Arkansas, Ihad been trying to somehow persuade him to work for us. He was a big deal at this discount drug chainup in Springfield, and I was convinced he was one of the finest retail talents I had met. For some time, Ihad been after Ron Mayer to hire David, but he wouldn't do it. So when Ron left, David was the firstperson I went to see, and I finally talked him into coming to Wal-Mart. I'm not saying that with Davidand Jack Shewmaker as executive vice presidentsDavid for finance and distribution, and Jack foroperations and merchandisewe didn't still have some turf fighting left to do between the two sides of thecompany. But, man, we had as much retail talent and firepower together under one roof as any companycould handle. � � 鈥淵ou will be chill, Maggie, in this thin dress. Let me raise the cloak over your shoulders. Get up an instant, dearest.鈥? Frederick.鈥?