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� � � � It was as he had dreaded 鈥?there was a struggle coming. But neither of them dared to say another word till the boat was let down, and they were taken to the landing-place. Here there was a cluster of gazers and passengers awaiting the departure of the steamboat to St. Ogg鈥檚. Maggie had a dim sense, when she had landed, and Stephen was hurrying her along on his arm, that some one had advanced toward her from that cluster as if he were coming to speak to her. But she was hurried along, and was indifferent to everything but the coming trial. "Once I was setting up to photograph Sam out on the tarmac of some little airport inMissouri. He wasover filing a flight plan, and I threw a nickel down on the pavementtrying to be cuteand said to myassistant: 'Lets see if he picks it up.' Planes are landing and taking off, and Sam comes walking over in abig hurry, a little put out that he has to pose for another picture. 'Okay,' he says, 'where do you want meto standon that nickel'"By the time I got out in the world ready to make something of myself, I already had a strongly ingrainedrespect for the value of a dollar. But my knowledge about money and finances probably wasn't all thatsophisticated in spite of the business degree I had. Then I got to know Helen's family, and listening to herfather, L. S. Robson, was an education in itself. He influenced me a great deal. He was a great salesman,one of the most persuasive individuals I have ever met. And I am sure his success as a trader and abusinessman, his knowledge of finance and the law, and his philosophy had a big effect on me. Mycompetitive nature was such that I saw his success and admired it. I didn't envy it. I admired it. I said tomyself: maybe I will be as successful as he is someday. AV在线视频成人社区 一本-香蕉视频app免 免福利视频导航 � � � It was around that time that Bud and Ivery quietlybegan to think about taking the company public. We have a group of longtime investors in Scotland who have done it better maybe than anybody. Backin the early days of our growth, the Stephens people took us to London, where we first attracted theinterest of these folks. They told us right off that they believed in investing for the long term. They saidthat as long as they felt good about the basics of the company, and had confidence in the management,they wouldn't be buying and selling the way many of these fund managers do. Man, they were talking mylanguage. Years after that first trip, we visited with them in Edinburgh, and they really laid it on for us. Wehave a similar group out in California.